Crane Standards are Final

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As of November 10, 2018, ALL Crane Operators MUST be certified.  This certification is usually done through the following organizations:

  • CIC

Additionally, per the final rule of the regulation, the Crane Operators must also be “evaluated by their employer” to ensure they are qualified to operate the crane to which they have been assigned.  The original deadline for this evaluation process was February 7, 2019.  However, according to the temporary enforcement policy for evaluation and documentation of crane operators this deadline has been extended to April 15, 2019 AS LONG AS the employer has made a good faith effort to comply.

This new deadline is for the EVALUATION process ONLY.  It is not for the Required Certification.

Read here for more information regarding the Crane Operator Certification.

One additional point that needs to be clarified is for the knuckle-boom cranes that are typically used for delivery of materials (such as drywall).  There are times that these fall under the crane standard… specifically, when they are holding materials in the air while the material is either being installed, unloaded, unbundled, or un-palletized.  If it is simply placing the full pallet or bundle of material on a balcony or upper floor or roof, etc. then it is not covered by the crane standards.  For the Letter of Interpretation regarding this specific type of equipment see here.

Decline in Workplace Fatalities in 2017

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OSHA released a statement regarding the Decline in Workplace Fatalities in 2017. To read the full statement click here.

I do want to take a moment to discuss one very important part of the statement…

…the loss of even one worker is too many!

Loren Sweatt, Acting Assistant Secretary for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Every worker on every one of our projects plays an important and vital role in our success. That worker may or may not be an employee of Jordan Foster Construction. But they are valued the same to us as if they were our employee.

It is not acceptable to permit conditions or activities that create hazardous conditions for any worker on our projects. Jordan Foster Construction strives to create a workplace in which every worker will return home at the end of each shift… a little dirtier, a little more tired, but otherwise in the same condition they came to work that morning.

Hazards exist. But our work does not have to be hazardous! Look out for yourself. Look out for each other. We all strive to go home to our loved ones every night.

For JFC, not only is “the loss of even one worker too many”, but also any injury that creates a situation in which an employee cannot return to work the following day to provide for their family is unacceptable.