New Year – New Goals

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It is that time again… a time of reflection and planning.


2018 was challenging. Probably one of the most challenging years in my career. But it is in struggle that we grow and mature.

If I could wind back the clock and change some of the actions that created the challenges, would I? Absolutely. Because there are those whose lives were forever altered.

However, that is not a luxury that any of us have. So instead, we plan!


What can we do differently in 2019 in order to achieve our Goals? The starting point is to have Goals! And those Goals must be SMART!

In case there are some of you that aren’t aware of what SMART Goals are they are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

So, things like “I am going to have a great year!” don’t count. There is nothing specific or measurable about that statement. So dig deep, and figure out what it will take to have a great year.


Of course, every year our goal is to have fewer incidents than the year before. But what are we going to do, what actions are we going to take, to make that aspiration into an actual SMART Goal? In case you are wondering, it will not be achieved by the actions of one. It will require the actions of ALL!

Some goals that would help us achieve that end result, if everyone did it, are:

  • I will speak up when I see someone creating a hazardous situation. I will no longer turn a blind eye because they “aren’t my responsibility”.
  • I will take the time to talk to someone that is putting themselves or others at risk. I know they may not understand the hazards that are being created, so I will share my knowledge with them.
  • I will actively participate in training that is being offered to me. I may have a personal story that someone else can relate to that will keep them from being injured on the job site.
  • I will not knowingly allow myself or others to drive while distracted. So, that phone call, that text, that email, that Facebook post… it can wait until I am to my destination and safe.

These are actions that can be taken every day by every one of you. And if we ALL did it we would reduce the risks in our workplace to ourselves and to others.

All that is required is for you to remain alert and care enough out your partner to speak up.

Let someone know that you are on their team
when it comes to watching out for them and their safety.

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