Holiday Safety

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The Holiday Season is upon us. 

In so many ways this is a season of joy.  We get to spend some extra days with those we love doing the things we enjoy. Many of us pack up the cars with our families and luggage and head out across the state or, for some, across the nation to spend this time with family that we haven’t seen in several months.  Or, if we aren’t driving there, then we are hopping on a plane and heading there.  Of course, there are some of us that won’t be heading out anywhere because we will be hosting the joyous occasions at our homes so the family and friends are coming to us.

Whether you are heading out or staying in chances are the “Holiday” has already started.  You are spending time thinking about what to pack, what to buy, where people are going to be sleeping, how you will fill those happy hours…or get through the dreaded ones (come on, I can’t be the only one that has those moments…okay may it is just me). 

The point it, your mind is already somewhere else, focused on something else.  And that is where the Holidays create hazards in the work place.

We want you to enjoy your Holidays with your family.  We want you to spend the time laughing and eating and relaxing.  But in order for you to do that we need you to stay focused while you are here at work.

If you are a supervisor, make sure your crew members are focused on the task at hand.

  • Spend more time than usual discussing the THA. Review it throughout the day and if something changes in the planned task make sure you review those changes. 
  • Spend some extra time with your crew to make sure they are “fit for duty” for the day, or even the moment.  And remember “fit for duty” doesn’t just mean “not impaired”.  Holidays aren’t always joyous occasions for everyone, so some of your crew members may not be mentally or emotionally fit for duty.  Take the time to talk to your crew members and make sure they are focused on their work.  
  • Check in with your crews at the end of the day and talk about the after-hours activities, like safe driving tips and responsible drinking and the hazards of distracted driving.  Even things like how to safely fry a turkey.  All of these things are important.  

If you are a crew member, help keep your co-workers, your friends, focused on the task at hand so that we can all enjoy our holidays.  You know them better than your supervisor does because you work closely with them every day.  You know when their head isn’t on the task so reel them back in if needed.  Enjoy the conversations about the upcoming activities during your breaks, but while working, don’t let those plans be a distraction.

From the Safety Team and all of us at Jordan Foster Construction!

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